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4k Website Productions produces professional, optimized WordPress websites for $4K, or just $179 a month

Provide a Modern User Experience with our 4K Website Package

High quality, affordable website production

Content Marketing

With over 10 years of experience in building WordPress websites, we have found the best technology stack to produce a high-quality website, that generates leads, and is easy to update.

Our 4k Website Package was created to not only save you money on having a website for your business but to also save you time and effort in maintenance as well.  

That is why we build our website packages around WordPress and Elementor – software that helps produce beautiful websites, but also makes it incredibly easy to update on your own as well.  

Don’t have time or interest in learning how to update your website?  No worries! Our website packages come with 20 hours of support to make changes for you, so you can focus on your business, not your website.

Content Marketing Strategy

What Our Websites Focus On

User Experience

Our websites are simple, yet elegant, to ensure are prospective clients that visit your site can find the information their looking for, and can easily connect with you.  Content and calls-to-action will be strategically integrated so no matter what device the website is being viewed on, the content can be easily consumed and actions can be taken.  At the end of the day, it’s about leading prospective customers to contact you through your website.


While our website development starts with a WordPress theme chosen by you, anything can be customized on your website.  This includes little details like colors and fonts, but to larger changes such as reorganizing contents of pages and creating new layouts.  Whatever requests you have, we’ll make!

Quick & Fast Loading

In 2021, it is crucial your website load quickly.  This is paramount not just for your prospective clients, but also for search engines – as of May 2021, Google’s algorithm will use the speed of a website as a ranking factor, which is why our websites will be built as lean as possible on the fastest website hosting.


Our websites will always have an optimized foundation that includes relevant metadata, organized content and sitemaps, and content about your business’ services.  This is so you not only have a great looking website but also provides search engines ample information to know who you are, what you do, and where you’re located.  The better job your website provides those details, the better the chances are that your site will show up in the search results when people are searching for your services.

Have more designing and building a website?  Set up a free consultation to chat with us!

What Is Included In Our Websites

In case you are curious about the technical details

  • WP Forms, TypeForm Pro, Calendly Pro
    Forms are of course needed if you want prospective customers to contact you through your website.  Forms also need to be very easy to fill out and complete, especially on mobile devices.  This is why we use WP Forms, TypeForm Pro, and Calendly Pro as options to collect leads for your business.  These forms are very mobile-friendly, provide an amazing user experience, and data shows they have very high conversion rates than standard forms.
  • Astra Pro
    Astra Pro is a WordPress theme that is optimized to be simple, light, and fast loading – we use this as our foundation for building websites because we want to avoid using themes that have a lot of bloat and unnecessary elements within them.  Astra Pro ensures we are building your site on a clean foundation and will make for very fast loading.
  • Elementor Pro
    Elementor Pro is a WordPress page builder that allows for quick website development and the ability for non-coders to use.  This means that if and when you want to update your website, Elementor will make it easy to make the changes you need to by moving content around, adding pages, or changing copy/images.
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor
    Elementor has hundreds of 3rd party companies building other features for websites for us to take advantage of, and Ultimate Add-ons is an example of just that.  It adds dozens of new drag-and-drop widgets for us and you to use, such as sliders, headers, and forms, to just name a few.
  • Imagify
    Of course, fast loading websites are important, and one of the major issues that cause slow loading sites are HUGE images.  It is very easy for someone to unknowingly upload an image that is a few megabytes in size, which can cause the total page size to increase in size by upwards of x10 to x20.  Imagify automatically reduces these files to a much smaller size without degrading the quality of the image, so it acts as a safety measure against large images and improves website speed.
  • Schema Pro
    This WordPress plugin adds metadata to your website that helps search engines better understand what your website is about, rather than a search engine guessing. For example, rather than Google assuming the name of our company is 4k Website Products, we can use Schema Pro to tell Google that “Yes, the name of our company is ‘4k Website Products,’ and our address is ‘1945 Iglehart Ave…'” you can specify many more details and in turn, Google know 100% know more about your website and business.
  • W3 Total Cache
    Website speed is dependant on a variety of factors, and W3 Total Cache makes it incredibly easy to make all the necessary changes to ensure the site is optimized for speed.  This includes, but is not limited to, compressing code, caching durations, and enabling proxy servers.  Bottomline, this plugin helps speed the site up.
  • Zapier
    If you use a CRM, such as HubSpot, SalesForce, or AgileCRM, Zapier allows for hooking up the website to send generated leads directly into your CRM.
  • WordFence
    Of course, security is of the utmost importance, and that’s why we use WordFence, which defends the site from bots trying to access the website and post malicious content.  WordFence offers a myriad of ways to defend the website so you don’t have to worry about it being hacked.
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