Website Maintenance

4k Website Productions includes 20 hours of website support and maintenance so you can focus on your business, not your website 

Website maintenance, included in every website we produce

Don’t worry about making updates to the site yourself

website maintenance

Websites are getting easier and quicker to build and update, but who has the time?! You run a business, not a website – that’s where we can help.

Of course, you could teach yourself how to update your site, but it all comes down to time.

We know that no matter simple or easy they make, it still takes time to learn your website’s platform and all the nuance that comes with it.

Yes, you can teach yourself how to fish, but sometimes you just want to buy the fish and have someone cook it for you, right?!

That is why we include 20 hours of website support and maintenance (over 24 months) in every website we produce because we know that as important building the site itself.

Our support will do anything from updating your business hours, to publishing a new page, to helping you figure out how to add new pictures to your site – it’s flexible enough for you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like.

Website Maintenance

Our Process For Website Maintenance

Submit a ticket – it’s that easy.

Once you’ve completed our short form detailing what you would like done to your site, it gets kicked off to our development and support team. 

Our service level agreement is that all tickets will be completed with 3 days unless otherwise communicated.

At the end of every ticket, the developer will tell you how much time it took and how many support hours are left. If your account runs out of hours, additional packs of hours can be purchased.

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Save Yourself Time; Submit a Support Ticket

This is all about you focusing on your business

The real value in working with 4k Website Productions isn’t just the website we create for you, but it’s the level of support we provide and the updates we can make on your behalf.

In today’s digital age, if a business’s online presence looks dated and inaccurate, it can deter prospects from contacting your business.

That’s why it pays to have us keep your site updated anytime there’s a change or improvement, that can be made.

So you are 100% free to learn how to update your website yourself, but maybe your time is better spent elsewhere.

Book a call with 4k Website Productions to learn more about how we can help you with your website needs.

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