Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Phase 1

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO starts with a solid foundation in your website

Content Marketing

SEO is a lot of things, especially who you ask, but most of the time the conversation starts with wanting to rank better in the search results.  And rank better for search terms that are competitive, however, there are only a few spots on the first page where most of user activity is.  And from there, a myriad of strategies and tactics are available to try and improve the site’s rankings over time.

All that said, SEO can be really complicated.

SEO can be tough!

SEO can take MUCH longer and work than you anticipate.

It’s enough to make most businesses say (without swearing) “forgot that noise! I’m done trying to do ‘SEO'” and move onto Google Ads or Facebook Advertising – something that is much quicker and easier to understand and can bring results when they are needed.

But if you are interested in SEO, which is the long game in digital marketing, it can be very rewarding and have an incredible return on investment if done correctly with the right expectations. We are the best in Saint Paul when it comes to SEO.

But the right SEO strategy needs a website with an optimized foundationin their website.

Doing SEO and trying to  rank for a competitive search term with a website that has a lousy and unoptimized foundation is like the old adage, “you can’t polish a ….”

This is how 4K Website Productions starts its SEO – with an optimized, solid foundation within a website.

Content Marketing Strategy

Our SEO Strategy

Ok, what does an optimized, solid foundation look like?  What is SEO?!

The foundation of a website, and part of what SEO is, would include at least the following:

  • Proper technical SEO, such as (but not limited to) optimized page titles, page content, sitemap, and schema.
  • A fast site! As May 2021, Google will start including how fast (or slow) a site is based on how quickly it loads.
  • Effective user experience so that visitors can find the content that they’re looking for and easily take the actions they want to, like filling out a form (Google can tell which websites are better, or worse, at this)

When 4k Website Productions creates a website for a business, those 3 areas are part of the core areas we focus on to ensure your website is built for both search engines and future customers.

What are the other parts of SEO in addition to a solid foundation?

Technical SEO, a fast site, and effective user experience are the start of doing SEO, but yes, there are other areas that can improve your SEO, such as:

  • Local SEO, focusing on the review of your Google My Business profile and having other websites list your business so Google can get an idea of where you’re located and your reputation.
  • Blogging, which has been around forever, but is still one of the most effective ways to improve your website SEO by providing valuable content to the internet and establishing your site’s credibility in your niche.

These areas are vital to focus on if you want to improve your site’s SEO and rank for more competitive search terms, but not until your site has created a solid foundation in Phase 1.  4K Website Productions offers services in local SEO and blogging, but will do them after a website has been built with an optimized, solid foundation.

Have more questions about content writing and marketing?  Set up a free consultation to chat with us!

When We Make A Website, It Will Have An Optimized Foundation

Depending on your niche and region that you serve, an optimized website can be the difference you need to rank ahead of your competitors for those coveted search terms.  

We have seen the launch of a new, optimized site improve a business’ traffic by +400%, so there was not a initial need for additional SEO or blogging.

However, other niches and regions may require MUCH MORE than just an optimized site, and need an aggressive Local SEO and blogging strategy to close the gap on their competition.  This is what can make SEO a challenging, but definitely rewarding investment.

If you are not sure where to start, 4k Website Productions offers FREE consultations and FREE SEO audits.  We’d be happy to discuss your needs, niche, and what we can do to help rank your business ahead of the competition.

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